MJP- Make Up Pal Day Time Box

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Travelling Set (Day-time Box) Light and Simple and Single-use package for hygiene

4-STEP NATURAL DAY CARE Whitening & Brightening

STEP 1. Brightening Balance Toner The Brightening Balance Toner brightens your skin using fine moisturizing beads to cleanse and refresh your skin for a settling and clearing effect.

STEP 2. Brightening Lotion The Brightening Lotion helps with a light texture that adds pleasant moisture to your skin to give a clearer complexion.

STEP 3. White Tone-up Cream The White Tone-up Cream is a soft, moisturizing cream that creates a refreshing and transparent touch to your skin, while providing natural care to blemishes and imperfections.

STEP 4. Daily Defense Sunblock The Daily Defense Sunblock is a 3-in-one product providing: Clearer-complexion, Wrinkle-improvement, and UV protection. This sunblock provides excellent absorption and moisturizing, resulting in a natural look with no white cast.


Perfect as your workout or travel companion 

Specification: 10 Sheets/Box

Made in Korea



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