MILKO – Meal Replacement Drink in Hokkaido Milk Flavour

950.00 ฿

MILKO meal replacement shakes are extremely healthy with only 110 calories per serving.

Made with superior natural ingredients.

We combine protein, fibre, good fat, 13 essential vitamins, 74 minerals complex and

probiotics for comprehensive nourishment.

MILKO is creamy and frothy, with mild sweetness from stevia.

Each meal comes as a dry powder, portioned and sealed in its own sachet just add water or your favorite milk.




Suggested Use : Add 200 ml water or your favourite milk and enjoy!

Net Weight : 300g ( 30g x 10 sachets )

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Ingredients : 13 Essential vitamins ( A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D3, D-Biotin, E, K1, Folic )

74 Minerals complex, Oat beta glucan from sweden, Gaba, Omega, FOS Prebiotics, Apple fiber, Egg albumen, Soy protein isolate, Pea protein, CLA, Collagen peptide, Wheatgrass