AINTEROL®- DöDö Deodorant

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Stay dry and fresh with DöDö Deodorant 100% Natural Deodorant without Aluminum Chlorohydrate ! formulated with love and care using all-natural ingredients no parabens, perfume, toxins and GMOs’ etc. it’s best choice for people who is allergen. It works very effective even in the hottest day or humid environments leave smell away and feeling fresh and dry all day long and of course not leaving stains on your white shirt.


How to Use / Consume:

Put sufficient amount of deodorant to both sides of armpit. 24-48 hour protection. Perfect help to those who has bad odour or sweating a lot. All ingredients are vegetable or natural food grade ingredients. This deodorant is for external use only. Use once or twice a day.


Size: 90 ml.


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Ingredients / Recipe:

• Distilled Water • Propandiol (Vegetable Source) • Vegetable Glycerin• Potassium Alum (Food Grade) • Witch Hazel Extract • Allantoin • Cocamidopropyl Phospatidyl PD- Dimonium Chloride (Vegetable Source) • Caprylhydroxamic Acid (Vegetable Source) • Hydroxyethylcellulose (Natural Plants Source)

100% Chemicals free

• Aluminum Chlorohydrate Free • Paraben Free • Preservative Free • Petroleum Industry by product free • Propylene glycol free • Ethoxylate free • 1,4 Dioxane free • Alcohol free • Fragrance free • Oil free • Non-GMO • Not tested on Animals • Talc Free • Triclosan • TEA, DEA and FD&C Colors

Organic Certification : GMP / Ecocert Ingredient

Thai Registration FDA No: 10-1-6100012470